KNO/ZRF a Defence Director Nicolas’ Kikaaplum

KNO/ZRF defence director Nicolas (36) sia July 29 nitak 11:30 pawl in, Lamka B. veang a omna inn ah kikaap lumh ci hi.

Ama ii body guard pa sia July 29 ni suun hun in vavaak a, Phone sms athak le zu kadawn, niangtui ka hawp cici in, nitak 11:25 pawl in a body guard pa in, sms taw innmai kongkha ah ka theng hi aciciang, Nicolas ii zi in kongkha hon hi.

Kongkha ahon le mihing khat in azi a au ngawl natu thau taw ngat aa, adang 2 sia a innsung tumsuak in, innsung  alumh Nicolas kaap lum ci hi.

A zi a innsung atum ciang, atapa kumh 5 sia apa  luanghui ah lau lei ahikom, akapsa in liing-cip liang hi.

Ama i body guard pa sia bo vinghvengh hi.

KNO/ ZRF in July 30 aluanghawm phumna nei in, Lamka khua Tuibuang veangsung bup sai kizuak theampo khaak tu ci hi.

Src: Manipur Express.
Photo: Kampu Singson

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