MSCCF Ah Thusinsakna

MSCCF ah, July 18,19 2014 ninii sung biakinn sung zak P. A system taw kisai training khat nei sawm in. 

• Qualifications for Being a Sound Operator
• The Spiritual importance of Worship and Music
• Interconnect Basics : How to Connect Everything Together
• Signal Processors : What They Do and How to Use Them
• Microphones : What Work Best for What Application and Why
• Wireless Systems
• Basic Equipment Needs for Small, Medium, and Large Churches

teng taw kisai hil in, ahil tu sia se, Malaysia ngam mi professional engineer Ezra Anthony Teh SKci hi.

Nitak nai 3:00- 6:-00 dong hi tu aa,
Mihing khat RM 20 tek khonsawm hi. 


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