Malaysia Omte Insurance Vawt Tawng

Maikum ciang UNHCR in dam ngawlna taw kisai sia mitheampo huu nawn ngawl tu ahikom, akua mapo in REMEDI/ TUNE Insurance sia  vawttu kilawm thu hi. Akisamh Teng

1) UNHCR card/ laidal neisa hi tu

2) Eima suakkhialna khat ih nei le vaipuak hong la tu khat (UNHCR card neisa hi tu)

3) Innkuante (Nulepa + kumh 18 nuaisia patang thum dong ) RM 163. Kumh 18 tungsia hi le khat ciang RM 20 kibelap tu.

4) Kumh 18 tungsia single te sia RM 131.50

5) Kumh 18 nuai sia tangaate in UNHCR/ IAD department ah seau kul hi. .



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