Chin State Cabinet

 (1)     Salai Lian Luai         Chief Minister
(2)     Kyaw Kyaw, Col.         Minister of Security and Boder Affairs
(3)     Wi Kaw             Minister of Planning and Finance
(4)     Mang Hen Dal         Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry and Mines
(5)     Shwe Htee Ooe         Minister of Road and Transportation
(6)     Salin Isaac Khen         Minister of Municipal Affairs, Electricity and Industry
(7)     Pau Lun Min Thang        Minister of Social Affairs
(8)     Htan Kyone (or) Sani Zar Hoe     State Advocate
(9)     Larr Tin Man (or) David Lar Tin Maung     State Auditor


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