Indianna Ah Accident

Indiana (USA) Indianapolis khua ah Sep 17, 2017 nitak nai 9:30 pawl in khalkhasangte Mang Peng (40) sia mawtaw suakkhialna pan thi ci hi.

 Indianna omte suapuite tung pan zakdan hi le , Mang Peng hawl mawtaw sia mikang mealpua khat in amawtaw tawh taih aciang taisan (hit and run) ci hi. Indianna ah sia Zomi (Chin) mimal in 18,000 bangh om aa nipisim phial Zomite mawtaw suakkhial thu kiza mun peuma ci uh hi.

 Palikte in thu nungzui laitak hi aa, thudang sonna om ngawllai hi.
 Photo: ChinTV


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