Kyaw Hein Thi

Kawlngam zillak minthang Academy Kyaw Hein sia July 11,2020 ni in Australia ngam Canberra  ah thi ci'n news tatuam ahkisua hi.

Thi ci kison aa, a thina ahang (natna) sia sonna om ngawl in, Kawlphonggyi  Kittisāra ci min taw a om laitak hi.

Ama sia July 14, 1948 in sua aa, kum 73 pha ci tu hi. 

(Ataangthu atom)
- Apa John Maung Sein le Daw Cho Cho te tapa hi in amin tatak sia Kyaw Thay hi.  Suapui 6 pha ua, ama sia anambat 4 na hi. 

American Baptist Mission (Yangon) ah tangkhat pan tang li dong kaa ngei hi. 

Tan sali kum 2 kaa in, tan kua 2 vei taak ngei aa, Sein Gawli ci gangster sung kihei ngei in,  A inn pan 16 taai zawk ciang taan kua ong in , tan 10 a on zawk ciang Navy sung tum aa pusuak kik hi. 

1967 ciang zillak ciin tu kipan aa, 2008 dong cinima movie 222 zai aa, video movie 362 zai in, laa album 14 thu ci hi. 

Ref: Irrawaddy, Eleven 
Photo Lwinpyin

လူငယ်အားလုံး ကျော်ဟိန်း ဆေးဖြတ် ...

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