Germany Om Siyin Writer

Tulaitak Germany teang Pa Thang Za Dal ii Maangkam taw a aat "Why Are You Crying Mama" ci laibu sia ahai ngawlin kingaa tu hi zo hi.

Tua taangthu bu sia 1926-1975 kilaklaw taangthu (History Novel) thu khat a at hi in, Ngalpi khatna, ngalpi niina, Vietnam ngal thu huam sak in, Atheism/Agnosticism, Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, philosophy ci biakna te zongh background in a at hi aa, Laimi 550 bangh pha hi.
Pa Dal ama mama in zongh hi laibu at nuam ahikom, Belgium le Luxembourg ngam ah thumvei pai in leitung ngal sung thupiang lai asitha te, ahe te tungah interview in pai aa a at hi.

Pa Dal sia kawlngam buaina vai taw Germany ah 1978 in ngambealin atheng hi in, Laibu 60 val at zo hi. Tua sungah bu 40 khawng sia politics taw kisai ci hi.


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