Limkhai Ah Saangsya Seam Ngei Syanu Itna Lakna

1995 October pan 2018 October dong Kum 23 sung Limkhai zongal ah laihil syama Ngin Huai Mang (Dakdungh Buan khuami) sia ama ii saangpatang luite in itna lakna in Kawlsum teng 35 kyats val January 15, 2021 ni in pia ci thu kiza hi.

Apia te sia tulaitak USA , le Australia ngam peam Limkhai Zongal ah saang akaa ngei (Limkhai, Voklaak, Khuasak le Thuklaimi) asang patang 61te hi in, 3.5 million kyats val sim ngawl ngamdang pan athak zongh om in kiza hi.

Syama nu sia tulaitak nuntakna haksa ahikom ahuu uh hi aa, Kum 23 Limkhai ah lai ahil sung zongh Nau pua kawm, nau an pia kawm, in haksatna kawm sung pan lai hil ci hi.

Syama nu in tua huuna sum teng taw Buan khua ah inn khat leisawm ci hi.



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