Kawlpi Thu

Kawlpi khua kisak sia Kawlte chepteena kum 328 Tabohtway tha ni 5 ni hi, 3 February 966 taw kisi hi.

The General Administration Department (ထွေအုပ်) zumh Kawlpi ii report bangh hi le Kawlpi (ကလေးမြို့ နယ်) ah mihing 348,573 pha hi.

175,000 val sia Kawlpi khua sungsangh ah om in zasim 50% sia khuata sangah teang uh hi.

Kawlte sia zasim 35%, Chin zasim 55% le adang zasim 10% pha in kison hi(Wikipedia)

Chin minam te sia atam zaw tuiphum pawlpi in hong kiciamte aa, 55% sia tapidaw hi.
  1. Phonggyi saanginn 116
  2. Tapidaw biakinn 508
  3. Musque biakinn buuk 1
  4. Hindu biakbuuk 2
  5. Sente biakinn biakbuuk 1 om ci hi.

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